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UAE National Day 2015
To celebrate the UAE’s 42nd National Day, ......
Dubai Shopping Festival 2015
The Dubai Shopping Festival, the biggest....
It has been said that: "Home is where the heart is"; that is especially true when it comes to Dubai and you would know that if you lived here. Dubai, home to thousands of expatriates who have come to this majestic city from all corners of the world and all walks of life in search of a different experience. Dubai is just that; a treasure trove of sights, smells and sounds, the city where you can explore the wondrous reefs of the Indian ocean in the morning and spend your afternoon skiing on a scorching August day.

A hub of culture and heritage with its old souks and narrow pathways, Dubai stands as testament to its Arabic roots, albeit being a global landmark and one of the world's top touristic destinations. It's also a place you would be proud to call home and where you rub shoulders with hundreds of different other nationalities day in and day out. But no matter what your background is or who you are, all Dubaians have one thing in common... they all love Dubai.
Dubai International Film Festival
The Dubai International Film Festival....
The Color Run
The Color Run is coming to the Middle East for the....
Global Village
Global Village is the largest seasonal cultural extravaganza in the region...
Alex Brandon, Nad Al Sheba
Shopping festival! Where else in the world do you get so much shopping done for such great bargains not once, but TWICE a year?
Mohamed Ibrahim, Deira
The expat community and locals get on so well, it’s such a beautiful amalgamation of cultures, it’s great.
Suresh Kumar, Karama
The sun is always shining! The people here are so nice, I doubt I could ever live anywhere else again!
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Jennifer B H
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Ahmed Biggboi
Ras Al Khor
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Sam Peter
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